Concrete Proof of Value of Social Media

by Mike Valentine on January 23, 2014

For those who require concrete evidence of the importance of Social Media in SEO – I present my Instagram proof that Twitter returns solid ROI. This tweet will live forever (or until renovation of the sidewalk).


Search Ranking Factors 2013 – Better Than Guesswork

by Mike Valentine on October 4, 2013

We all want to know exactly what to do to our web site to make it the undisputed champion and rank on the first page of Google search results, above the fold and for the terms most in demand in our industry. What we’d love most is for Google to say to us (privately of course) “look, here are all the secrets to being #1, you do a, b, and c and if you want to beat everyone else, do d as well.”

Sadly, for everyone but a few Googlers, we have to count on deconstructing search results to figure out how Amazon does it (for those in retail) or how Wikipedia does it (for those in publishing) or how WebMD does it (for those in medical field). Everyone has their pet theories (and conspiracy theories) about how to rank on the first page of Google, some have better assumptions (and maybe biases) than others.

But besides those maddeningly broad and simplistic quality, technical and design guidelines offered in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and a long list of ever-changing elements that SEO’s all agree on – we’d like to be scientific and somewhat accurate in understanding what works, now, today for our site, in our industry.

It’s not going to happen anytime soon, so every couple of years, Moz comes out with a list of Ranking factors assembled by a panel of top Optimizers and Marketers, presented below in a way most of us can understand. Now if we could only get the engineering resources, the budget, the blessing of our CMO so we can move forward on implementation of agreed upon stuff that will definitely work to improve our visibility.

Well, at least we can point to this chart to advance our pet theories and keep on optimizing. I’d assume it’s probably wise to start with the things at the top and work down the list. This cool interactive chart will let you include different elements to advance your optimization goals with different audiences by toggling elements on and off to show how important each is to make your case. Thanks to Moz for the data and the cool chart.

Mike Valentine


Embedded Google Plus Posts Launched

September 10, 2013

Google is introducing embedded posts today. Here is a conversation about how to fix sites that have been hit by Penguin. Some good stuff from well known SEO’s who give valuable advice.

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Instagram Embeddable Photos – Come with Attribution, but No Control

August 23, 2013

I just discovered that images publicly posted on Instagram can be embedded. When you click on an image to view it large on, there’s a button on the lower right side of the page with “…” on it. When you click on that it drops down two choices “Report Inappropriate” link and below that […]

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Enterprise SEO Infographic

February 16, 2013

Large scale dynamic sites are notoriously difficult to optimize for search engines without ongoing interaction and training of everyone who touches every aspect of site functionality, content and structure. It’s possible for minor changes in site architecture to strongly affect crawlability for search engines, remote ad servers can slow page load speed, changes in algorithms […]

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Authorship Matters – Author Rank Markup: Semantic Guidance

September 8, 2012

I’ve been attempting to evangelize for authorship, since I’ve always been a big believer in content production and work with editorial teams consistently. Interesting to note that none of the writers or editors I’ve spoken with have heard of authorship markup and that they often question the value of author rank to them. “What’s In […]

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Search Intent, Context & Relevance

June 25, 2012

“Search” is not the entirety of what is intended by artist Mekhitar Garabedian part of a public art exhibition called “Track” in Ghent, Belgium. The backdrop is historic 15th century Butcher’s Hall details @ I love the cool instagram photo above by @keraman that seems to emphasize the out-sized importance of search – even […]

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Google Panda Update Rolling Out

March 24, 2012

Google announced via Twitter that there was an update to the Panda Algo rolling out today. No further comment, except by SearchEngineLand – shared via Facebook. Panda refresh rolling out now. Only ~1.6% of queries noticeably affected. Background on Panda: — A Googler (@google) March 23, 2012 SEO’s – check your client stats and […]

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SEO Salaries

December 4, 2011

Mike Valentine What are the average SEO Salaries for top SEO’s? OnwardSearch has put together this great infographic to show the top markets and average salary for corporate SEO jobs in the U.S. They’ve included several job titles, including “Link Builder” – “SEO Copywriter” – “SEO Analyst or Specialist” – “Content or Keyword Strategist” – […]

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Mobile & Best Practices Video From Google Mobile Team

November 11, 2011

It should be very clear to everyone that mobile web sites are a necessity now. Some will argue against spending resources and time on building mobile web sites because they don’t close sales or advertise to the mobile audience. I’ll argue that, even though it’s early, that is precisely the time to get a start […]

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