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Budweiser Super Bowl Ad: Rocky Theme Rated Best

There was a very understated Hyundai Genesis Superbowl commercial which said in its voice-over, while showing the new luxury car, “We don’t know what the USA Today Admeter will say about this Ad on tomorrow, but we’re pretty sure BMW, Mercedes and Lexus aren’t gonna like it.” Well now everyone knows what the USA Today Admeter thinks about the Hyundai Genesis commercial, as it ranked at #43 out of the total 55 commercial spots.

Pretty much as expected though the number one ad was the Budweiser “Rocky” send-up of Hank the Clydesdale, who after missing the Budweiser beer wagon team one year, goes into intense training with a dalmation as his personal trainer. You can see that ad (and all the others with ratings #1 through #55 at the USA Today Admeter page, titled “Budweiser’s Dog and Pony Show” in a mocking tone about the number one ad. (Dalmation and Clydesdale, Dog & Pony — Hmmm). Here’s that ad if you missed it.

Budweiser Clydesdales Superbowl Ad: Hank the Clydesdale

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