Visibility is Key for your business. Search engine visibility brings more visitors and more revenue.

Business SEO Monthly Retainer

SEO requires that some standard SEO elements are supported by your site and the code behind the publicly accessible pages visible to search engines. The Business SEO Monthly Retainer dedicates regular time each week to assess and then work with your content manager, Social Media manager, site front-end developer or back-end engineers to address each of the important aspects listed below:

  • Technical Assessment
  • Site Structure/Schema
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Monitoring/Analytics
  • Error Remediation
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Blog & Social Media
  • PR & Marketing
  • Third-Party Sourcing
  • Tools & Analytics
  • Link Strategies
  • Scheduled Phone Calls

We’ll schedule a weekly call with your vendor contact person to review reporting and work to resolve any issues with the site. This starts as a 3 month initial term with month-to-month renewal going forward.

$1000 Monthly

Some of our Clients