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Broken SEO Fragments ID Title Meta Data

Abbreviations and Word Fragments: Broken SEO

There is one very clear place where developers and search engine optimization specialists are at odds. That is use of abbreviations and word fragments. ‘Devs’ like ’em. Search engine specialists hate them. We SEOs especially hate when those acronyms, abbreviations, [...]

Keyword Meta Tags – SEO Bloggers & Search Engines Say

… implementing meta tags – more specifically the keyword meta tag – is not going to have any affect on your rankings.– Jill Whalen, LED 2248Wednesday in LED discussion list, two list members quoted Jill Whalen’s above comment suggesting they [...]

Keyword Tags Not Just Dead But Risky

While I do NOT agree with the author of this linked article that keyword tags are “Risky” since they show your competitors your strategy – because your keyword strategy should be right there in the form of visible page text [...]