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4 Guaranteed Methods to Rapid Indexing of Content

Photo Copyright © Mike ValentineIf your shiny new content is not crawled by Google, then it won’t be indexed by Google and has zero chance of ranking well in Google. Let’s talk about how to be certain everything you publish on [...]

Open Sitemaps Protocol Adopted: Whither urllist.txt?

Mike ValentineWith the announcement by Google and Yahoo that they have launched to promote a open standard of XML sitemaps this week, several clients are asking me about it. But since many of my clients are smaller businesses with [...]

Copyright © August 23, 2006 by Mike Banks ValentineGoogle recently announced a change to their “Sitemaps” program. It went from a protocol meant for Python programmers and XML wizards to a much kinder, gentler (and friendlier to webmasters) program to [...]