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Video: Powerset Search Engine Beta Test Powerset Demo Video from officialpowerset on Vimeo. First thing I noticed is that the thing is down – I can’t get any queries to load. Could be a bad day because Microsoft is rumored to be considering acquisition of [...]

Super Bowl Ad Ratings: USA Today, Nielsen, MediaCurves

OK, Last word on Super Bowl 42 XLII Commercials this year (one week after the game) comes from the ratings services, which turned out to have very different results and to prove how much polls and statistics can vary. The [...]

Super Bowl Bonus: Budweiser Cut The Cheese Ad

Budweiser, in an attempt to draw more audience engagement around their Super Bowl Ads this year, created a *Bonus* “Secret Spot” which was available only to visitors who either participated in a text message poll from their mobile phones or [...]