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$299 Yahoo Directory Paid Link Worth Every Penny

I originally wrote the article below in August of 2005, note the copyright date at the bottom. But I was nudged to republish it after seeing a Sphinn post discussing the value of a Yahoo text link. My three-year-old, but [...]

YahooSoft or MicroHoo! How to Beat Google

MarketWatch discussed the merger talks between Microsoft and Yahoo today. The states headline states flatly ‘YahooSoft’ not enough to take on Google!That analysis is no doubt galling to both companies. Both have failed to gain significant market share of search, [...]

Yahoo Desktop Search Proprietary Foolishness

Yahoo Desktop Search to appear in January of 2005, is licensed from software company x1. The application is reported to be native to Windows and will not be immediately offered for Mac machines, but those who have seen it at [...]