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Is Dominating Search Results Near Yours?

I’m a long-time subscriber to Google News and Blog alerts. They’re a great way to stay up to date with any topic and I subscribe to several alerts on subjects, companies and categories I’m interested in across a wide range of topics. Something rather startling has occurred to me in watching those results across multiple categories. The new site is dominating search results for both news and non-news (blog, web) alerts.

Also noted is the interesting fact that many more results appear across dozens of other search results. Since I make my living optimizing search, this tends to stand out for me more than it has for friends and relatives I’ve asked about it. So tell me – Are you seeing any of your search terms threatened by

Because they are considered a “News” source, the site gets indexed instantly for almost any topic. Their “News” results appear in Google Universal and Yahoo Blended search results in the top five rankings.

Interestingly, you needn’t be a trained journalist to write for and it appears they are actively recruiting writers.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to review their site structure or on-page optimization efforts – but whatever they are doing, it is landing the site in lots of top ranked spots for hotly contested search phrases. This will be interesting to watch.

Meanwhile, take a look at the video below for the root of the story, which is tied to the demise of the Rocky Mountain News in Denver – especially since the biggest name behind the is Denver Billionaire, Philip Anschutz. The video below includes an interview with CEO Michael Sherrod

They are using the tilde for the first time in years in their URL’s. I thought that had died long ago. Interesting trend to watch. I also see that Google news shows over 28,498 results for in their site search. More than the 9600 for the New York Times or the 7500 for the Boston Globe. Hmmm – that bears watching as well.