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Google Customized SEO Jobs Search Engine

Yesterday Google announced their new Customized Search Engine (CSE) launch as I was writing an article about SEO Jobs Search and so immediately signed up through my Google account to create a custom SEO Job Search Engine which was incredibly simple to set up and implement from a page hosted on this site. I entered eight or ten job boards into the list of sites to search and grabbed a couple of snippets of Google provided code to paste into my page and Voila’, a custom SEO Job Search Engine pulling from only those sources I chose.

It’s interesting to see how it performs and that it appears to have a few eccentricities in its operation. I noted the following items:

  • The results returned on many searches appear to lean toward drawing from only two or three of the provided sources as the first results.
  • If you use the query operators, qualifiers and quotes in searches, the results get much better.
  • Some of the sources don’t show up at all in search results because subdomains are used in some of the source sites named. (I’ll continue to tweak using the Google provided “Refinement” tab in the CSE admin panel.)
  • It’s easy to filter sites you see turning up in results that you’d like to eliminate and that filter is like your own SE spam killer. Nice.
  • The more you tweak and tune the search engine using the controls Google provides, the better the results get. This is a little like what it might be like to be the man behind the curtain at Google. Hi Matt! 😉
  • It’s clear how powerful this tool is after just a little playing with it and I’m anxious to create a couple dozen of these things for several of my other sites.

I intend to provide the built-in queries for my users by inserting the “value=” form attributes with good generalized queries for each specific purpose. I did that in the customized Reality SEO jobs search engine after I found what produced the best resultset in from the contributing sites. Cool tool Google! Bound to keep me busy in my free time.
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