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Congress Searching to Understand Google

Congress Searching For Google Understanding

So it’s not surprising that members of Congress can’t comprehend a global business that is based on all of those combined incomprehensible tech bits. The video above puts congressional lack of comprehension about the workings of Google on public display.


Google’s Font Makeover & Some SEO Nostalgia

How @google‘s logo has changed over time: — CNNMoney (@CNNMoney) September 2, 2015 Google launched a new logo today and it’s a font change. Only appropriate that they have a makeover since announcing a corporate structure change to [...]

Google Panda Update Rolling Out

Google announced via Twitter that there was an update to the Panda Algo rolling out today. No further comment, except by SearchEngineLand – shared via Facebook.Panda refresh rolling out now. Only ~1.6% of queries noticeably affected. Background on Panda:— [...]