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Office Confinement Remote Work

Remote SEO Jobs: No Office Building, No Commute

I‘ve worked as an SEO a total of 10 years from home – that time was broken up by 3 additional corporate in-house SEO stints working from 5 different corporate office buildings over 8 additonal years, mostly in Los Angeles [...]

Anaytics graph search traffic gains

Working for the past 20 years as an SEO Specialist, both corporate in-house (3 long-term roles) and consulting (dozens of clients) for nearly equal amounts of time has offered an opportunity to view the SEO process from distinctly differing viewpoints. [...]

Consulting for Growth or Corporate In-House Maintenance?

I started my SEO career as an independent consultant about 15 years ago, working with small businesses expanding their local professional business online including widely varied clients – among them were attorneys, a plastic surgeon, industrial supplier and a designer [...]