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More Google Privacy Concerns – Now national news

How much does Google know about you? I ignored this story when I first saw it at Wired News. Apparently the Associated press picked up the story and now we see it at CNN. So addressing privacy concerns at Google is clearly a large public issue since we have seen so many privacy breaches and data losses by large public companies. The story focuses first on hackers and Google employees with evil intent and points to the oft-heard Google mantra “Don’t be evil” which has created a lot of goodwill for the company.

There is little that could stop serious hackers and Google insiders with a grudge against the company from seriously harming the image of Google by gathering and selling much valuable information held by the company.

It is not impossible to see a scenario where bad guys inside the company cooperate with external hackers or do some hacking themselves from inside – compromising the endless stores of data Google has on Gmail users, Google toolbar users, Google personalized search users, Google Desktop Search users, Adwords and Adsense users, Froogle shopping search users, Google Sitemaps users, Blogger users, Orkut users, etc. through the many Google company units.

As a user of all of those services, I shiver a bit when thinking of all that information gathered on my habits and client activities through each of those services all aggregated into one database. When you add to it, the payment services that Google is currently developing, it presents a very large target for bad guys.

Will we see a large scale Google security breach in the future. G – I hope not. What are you doing to prevent it Google?