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Internal Search Results Indexed Google

Internal Site Search Results: Noindex Block of Googlebot

In 2007, Matt Cutts of Google clearly stated that they recommend not allowing Googlebot to crawl and index internal search results. He referenced a line in the Google Webmasters Quality Guidelines which says “Use robots.txt to prevent crawling of search [...]

Silver Lining Copyright Mike Valentine

Virus Silver Lining: Covid 19 Positive Digital Effects

I‘m a long-term advocate for moving all reasonable and appropriate aspects of daily life to digital platforms and processes. There has been tremendous resistance to this idea from those who ask, “Why work, shop, write, sign documents, communicate, learn or [...]

Bridge To Content Relevance Illustration Mike Valentine

SEO Content Relevance for Target Markets

Every Business web site has a target market, a retail e-commerce customer, online content subscriber or a software-as-a-service user that represents their most valued website visitor. Attracting that type of visitor from search engine referrals occurs most often because search engines see the content as relevant to the search query each user has typed into the search bar Relevancy is weighed by looking at multiple factors, some considered by authors far less often than others

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