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Search Engine Watch Live Forum – Disneyland Hotel

I’m about to head out to the Search Engine Watch Live! forum being held today at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim to meet eight of the SEW fourms moderators and hear their views on the hottest topics in SEO. If they offer good wireless from the meeting, I’ll try a little live blogging here. Danny Sullivan is scheduled to be there and I’ll be sure to pass on any gems gleaned from he or the forum moderators. Not sure what type of attendees to expect at this event – probably local SEO’s, both freelance and corporate.

The event runs from just after lunch time until dinner time so maybe I’ll work up an appetite for forums that I haven’t developed a taste for as yet. They are great places to get advice on individual issues if you can wade through the one line cryptic comments from forum members who post endlessly with commentary and opinion.

The gems make forums a place for me to search for answers to specific issues, but so far, not a place to participate much. Let’s see if this event can help me develop a taste for forums. The moderators will no doubt have much to share with attendees who have clear questions on concise issues, so I’ll look to pass those on if they surface. I’ll be covering the event for WebProNews and will pen an article or two on the session.

Stay tuned…