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Search Forums, Newsletters, Blogs & Discussion Lists

I have a suggestion for those who have restricted budgets and are unable to pay necessarily high fees charged by a top flight SEO firms to optimize their web site. Subscribe to top SEO newsletters, forums and blogs. I won’t list all them here as there are too many, but what follows is a sampling of some of the best.

Axandra Search Engine News
SearchReturn Discussion List
Pandia Search Engine News
ClickZ SEO Columnists
Search Engine Guide
HighRankings Forum
SearchEngineWatch Search Day

Then there are dozens of webmaster forums and blogs where SEO is regularly discussed – most prominently the SearchengineWatch Blog.

But I *can’t stand* trolling forums and just forget to return to blogs as often as I should, so I rely on a single site to send me filtered and important news of ALL the SEO forums in a single daily email in which well known SEO Barry Schwartz culls the best daily info from all the relevant SEO forums and posts concise recaps and links to those forum threads of highest interest. Just input your email address in the “subscribe” form at the top of the home page.

How about hearing SEO news from the head Google Software engineer? Try Matt Cutts blog where he posts regular SEO tips and commentary.

The information is out there (and easily accessible) to allow anyone to become their own in-house SEO. Happy reading! 😉