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JoeBiden 404 Error Page

Presidential 404 Error Pages – Lost & Found

  I’ve always enjoyed seeing how web sites implement 404 Error pages because they are universally treated with humor. The above example from the web site uses self-deprecating humor saying “WE COULDN’T MASK THIS ERROR, BUT YOU SHOULD MASK [...]

HTML Sitemap Map Illustration

HTML Sitemap Primer – Bot Focused

Why both XML and HTML Sitemaps? With each new client and most SEO recommendations given for site improvements comes an inevitable recommendation to add an HTML sitemap. People always point to their XML sitemap and say, “We’ve got a sitemap [...]

Sitemap Submit Google

XML Sitemaps 101 – SEO Index-ability

XML Sitemap 101 – Starting from the Beginning What is it? This is a very basic technical document which exists entirely to tell search engines which pages from your site you’d like them to include in their search results. In [...]