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Silver Lining Copyright Mike Valentine

Virus Silver Lining: Covid 19 Positive Digital Effects

I‘m a long-term advocate for moving all reasonable and appropriate aspects of daily life to digital platforms and processes. There has been tremendous resistance to this idea from those who ask, “Why work, shop, write, sign documents, communicate, learn or [...]

Finding is Reserved for Those That Search

"Finding is reserved for those that search." — Jim Rohn— Jim Rohn Official (@OfficialJimRohn) September 26, 2014 Jim Rohn said, “Finding is reserved for those that search” and in the context he intended, self improvement, self development and goal achievement, [...]

Concrete Proof of Value of Social Media

For those who require concrete evidence of the importance of Social Media in SEO – I present my Instagram proof that Twitter returns solid ROI. This tweet will live forever (or until renovation of the sidewalk). // In the graph [...]