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internal linking

Blog Post SEO Elements Inner Works Gears

I was asked by a consulting client to send over a list of tips for blog posts SEO. I find myself offering variations on this list to most clients with blogs. I sent the following over and realized that because [...]

Tag Clouds & SEO – Tagging Engineers & Developers

Saw this great tag cloud cartoon on ReadWriteWeb (RWW) today and it prompted this blog post. I’ve got a mini-rant on this topic due to my constant advocacy for tag clouds and resistance from everyone I recommend them to. Why? [...]

Internal Linking Relevance

Internal Linking Strategy: SEO Self Reflection

As you can see from the original March 2007 date on this post, I’ve been an advocate for relevant internal linking for over 10 years (this note added December 2016). Today SearchMetrics came out with the 2016 Search Ranking Factors [...]