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Reciprocal Links in a Coma – or Dead?

It’s just that, in the course of doing reciprocal link management work for over 8 years now, I have yet to see any real indication that a link is devalued simply due to reciprocation. It still works here, very well.Dirk [...]

Google Jagger Update – Reciprocal Links Killer

Google’s latest update, named Jagger by Brett Tabke of WebmasterWorld, appears to have dropped site rankings dramatically of those that relied heavily on reciprocal linking schemes and especially those that gained most of their inbound links from limited networks of [...]

Cult of Links Needs Linking Exorcist

Have you ever known someone who has blind faith to a religous sect or self-improvement group and has been taken in by a charismatic leader? The devotion to the cause is seemingly blind and support in donated time or financial [...]