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SEO Checklist 2018 Infographic

SEO Checklist for 2018 Your SEO To-Do List

SEO To-Do List Each year the list of SEO to-dos gets longer. To keep up with all the necessary bits and pieces of effective search engine optimization, we need to lengthen the list of requirements. Below is an infographic which [...]

I’ll Take Internet for $1000 Alex – @Jeopardy SEO

The answer for the clue – “To come up quickly on Google, Companies try to increase SEO, this type of optimization of their web sites” This suggests quick page load speed – but Alex probably meant “quick” as in #1 [...]

Video Sitemaps Best Practices from Google Webmaster Tools

Google Video Sitemaps tutorial from Mark Robertson of ReelSEO in video form featuring Google video Product Manager Nelson Lee and Google Partner Rep Amy MacIsaac discussing details of best practices and point out the importance of required elements including video:loc [...]