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Corporate Merger SEO

Corporate Mergers & SEO: Grafting Business Sites Together

During the course of business growth, it is sometimes necessary to combine two (or more) entities together due to the decision to grow rapidly. When business goals are complementary and that growth means combining two strong but separate companies – [...]

Ford GT40 SEO Race

4 Guaranteed Methods to Rapid Indexing of Content

Photo Copyright © Mike ValentineIf your shiny new content is not crawled by Google, then it won’t be indexed by Google and has zero chance of ranking well in Google. Let’s talk about how to be certain everything you publish on [...]

Video Sitemaps Best Practices from Google Webmaster Tools

Google Video Sitemaps tutorial from Mark Robertson of ReelSEO in video form featuring Google video Product Manager Nelson Lee and Google Partner Rep Amy MacIsaac discussing details of best practices and point out the importance of required elements including video:loc [...]