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Google Social Search – Tweets & Likes

Google Showing Tweets & Social Media in Search Results announced today – but rolling out slowly. I’m not given the option to opt-in as of this writing, the day of the announcement by Google. This is from the official Google [...]

AddThis Social Bookmark Widget for Open Web Award

I have been a strong advocate of the AddThis widget to ease social bookmarking since I first spotted it in September of 2006 and did an emailed interview of co-founder Dom Vonarburg here at RealitySEO. Since then, it has spread [...]

SS Yahoo Open Strategy is Listing, May Sink

Yahoo Open Strategy looks doomed due to the Microhoo merger mania. Thanks Microsoft and Carl Icahn, for shutting down the one thing I’ve seen hope for Yahoo to launch as an innovator. Previously Yahoo had been buying great companies and [...]