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Work Ahead Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – Timing is Everything

There is a conversation that I’m having routinely with all clients over the past week. That conversation is about mobile page load speed. I’m having a bit of trouble understanding why it’s still a conversation anyone needs to be having [...]

I’ll Take Internet for $1000 Alex – @Jeopardy SEO

The answer for the clue – “To come up quickly on Google, Companies try to increase SEO, this type of optimization of their web sites” This suggests quick page load speed – but Alex probably meant “quick” as in #1 [...]

Google Chrome Speeds up Your Site from Search Results

Not satisfied to simply speed up their own site – Google is now speeding up yours (if it’s the first result) from search results pages when you use the Chrome browser. They’ll be making the technology open source when it [...]