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Powerful Blog SEO Structure

Powerful Blog SEO Structure, Getting it Wired

I‘m a strong advocate for blogging as a marketing strategy for most business web sites. This is primarily because nearly every client I’ve ever worked with (over 15 years) gets more search referrals from their blog posts than any other [...]

Google Buys Metaweb: Entities, Tags, Keywords

I’ve long been an advocate of tags for SEO – but just marking them up and exposing them on your site seems not to help rankings much. The important role they play is organization and clarification. Tags are meta data [...]

Tag Clouds & SEO – Tagging Engineers & Developers

Saw this great tag cloud cartoon on ReadWriteWeb (RWW) today and it prompted this blog post. I’ve got a mini-rant on this topic due to my constant advocacy for tag clouds and resistance from everyone I recommend them to. Why? [...]