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Silver Lining Copyright Mike Valentine

Virus Silver Lining: Covid 19 Positive Digital Effects

I‘m a long-term advocate for moving all reasonable and appropriate aspects of daily life to digital platforms and processes. There has been tremendous resistance to this idea from those who ask, “Why work, shop, write, sign documents, communicate, learn or [...]

SEO Checklist 2018 Infographic

SEO Checklist for 2018 Your SEO To-Do List

SEO To-Do List Each year the list of SEO to-dos gets longer. To keep up with all the necessary bits and pieces of effective search engine optimization, we need to lengthen the list of requirements. Below is an infographic which [...]

SEO training guideline

Training Marketing Staff in SEO Elements

  For 15 years I’ve been teaching engineering, editorial and marketing staffs at startups (consulting) and large companies (both in-house and as consultant) how to optimize for search engines. These events are usually 2 hour meetings over a couple of [...]