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Where Google may be headed: Google is dead – Jan. 25, 2006

Where Google may be headed: Google is dead in this spoof article from Business 2.0 discussing one possible future of Google. The disturbing thing is the way SEO’s are all seen as a “nuisance” and an enemy to be outsmarted and that we eventually lead to the death of Google. This is exactly the type of negative press we have suffered for years and all SEO’s are perceived as “Black Hat SEO’s” rather than “White Hat SEO”s” regardless of the substantial number of us working, not to trick and manipulate results, but to remove roadblocks and detours to ranking well.

As I discussed in a previous post referencing a Newsweek article called “Hotwiring your Search Engine Rankings

I have also happy to see Google’s chief software engineer, Matt Cutts, constantly referring to the differences between white and black hat SEO’s – albeit jokingly most times.

It will be nice when we finally overcome the negative media image of optimization and optimizers so we’re no longer all seen as tricksters and nuisances and recognized for the valuable business service we offer and that we provide ethical and honest functions in most cases.

The Black Hat tricksters mostly spend their time creating their own little network of high ranking splogs full of Adsense ads or writing and hawking the software that does it automatically.

It’s good to know that at least we are seeing an awareness of good guys and bad guys working within the SEO industry. Those of us doing honest and useful work for clients are wrankled each time we are lumped in to the bad guy group due to negative major media portrayals like the CNN spoof.