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What Do We Do With Black Hat SEO’s – Boil Them in Oil or Worship Them?

At SES London 2009 the question above was asked of those in attendance – there’s a similar mashup of the 2010 responses, but I like this one better and the lighting is acceptable. This video mashup assembles the answers to that 2009 question in an entertaining way in under 3 minutes. My favorite response was “What’s a Black Hat?” Until then – let’s ask the musical question, “What do we do with Black Hat SEO’s?”

Below are the best

  1. Learn from the Black Hats – Apply it in White Hat ways
  2. Flog Them, Tar Them, Feather Them, and ride them out of town on a rail
  3. Leave them alone
  4. Sing Their Praises
  5. Put them on a Pedestal
  6. No comment
  7. Give them a Job
  8. Keep an Eye on Them
  9. Get them drunk and learn from them
  10. Make them all Wear Eye Patches
  11. Send them all to Australia
  12. Put them on the Apprentice
  13. Kick them out of their offices
  14. Give them a bit of Chocolate
  15. Embrace them
  16. They are essentially innovators
  17. Learn all of their secrets
  18. Throw them in the Thames
  19. They give us a really bad name
  20. Don’t blame the players, blame the game