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Domain Name Rebranding SEO Checklist

Domain Name Rebranding SEO Checklist

Rebranding a business with a new domain name can be a real SEO concern when your current domain ranks well in the SERPs for your business. However, once the decision has been made to rebrand that URL to better reflect [...]

Video SEO Schema & Transcripts

Video SEO is Simple – Transcripts & Schema

It really is simple to optimize video pages for search engines by embedding video schema (Google webmaster recommendations) on important elements, such as: A keyword focused video title Video description (include keywords) Video Thumbnail (appears in search results) Reviews and [...]

Web Site Redesign SEO

Web Site Redesign SEO

When does it make sense to involve SEO in a site overhaul or redesign? Now -- before you do anything else, no matter whether you've just begun to plan the rebuild or if it's nearly ready to relaunch - get [...]

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