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Office Confinement Remote Work

Remote SEO Jobs: No Office Building, No Commute

I've worked as an SEO a total of 10 years from home - that time was broken up by 3 additional corporate in-house SEO stints working from 5 different corporate office buildings over 8 additonal years, mostly in Los Angeles [...]

Sitemap Submit Google

Adding a User to Google Analytics & Search Console

    One of the most frequent needs of an SEO Consultant is data to help clients understand what is currently working, what is broken or in need of attention, and what Google thinks of your site speed, structural works [...]

Infographics SEO

Infographics for SEO & Link Building

One of the most powerful tools in my link-building arsenal and one which is recommended to most SEO consulting clients is Infographics campaigns. Everyone has heard of them, many have tried one or two as a marketing tool for large [...]

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