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SEO Checklist 2018 Infographic

SEO Checklist for 2018 Your SEO To-Do List

SEO To-Do List Each year the list of SEO to-dos gets longer. To keep up with all the necessary bits and pieces of effective search engine optimization, we need to lengthen the list of requirements. Below is an infographic which [...]

Domain Name Rebranding SEO Checklist

Domain Name Rebranding SEO Checklist

Rebranding a business with a new domain name can be a real SEO concern when your current domain ranks well in the SERPs for your business. However, once the decision has been made to rebrand that URL to better reflect [...]

Video SEO Schema & Transcripts

Video SEO is Simple – Transcripts & Schema

It really is simple to optimize video pages for search engines by embedding video schema (Google webmaster recommendations) on important elements, such as: A keyword focused video title Video description (include keywords) Video Thumbnail (appears in search results) Reviews and [...]

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