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Infographics SEO

Infographics for SEO & Link Building

One of the most powerful tools in my link-building arsenal and one which is recommended to most SEO consulting clients is Infographics campaigns. Everyone has heard of them, many have tried one or two as a marketing tool for large [...]

Copywriting Wordcount

Word Count for SEO

You've all seen those word count tools built-in to your WordPress post pages or Microsoft Word "Info" boxes. But do you think about keyword density (repetition), phrase repetition, density when writing your headlines, subhead, intro paragraph and body text? I'll [...]

HTML Sitemap Map Illustration

HTML Sitemap Primer – Bot Focused

Why both XML and HTML Sitemaps? With each new client and most SEO recommendations given for site improvements comes an inevitable recommendation to add an HTML sitemap. People always point to their XML sitemap and say, "We've got a sitemap [...]

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