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Watching You Tracking Eye

Brave Privacy Search Engine & Goggles

Browsers & Search Engines Stalk Users Imagine the browser you use didn’t monitor your web history, that it blocked trackers, blocked advertising, and blocked device fingerprinting. Now imagine you could use a default search engine from that browser which doesn’t [...]

SEO Fails – Business Optimization Losers

Photo Illustration by Mike Banks Valentine © 2020 SEO consulting clients all have a singular goal – more organic traffic from search engines. All are seeking SEO solutions to fix their SEO Fails and reach that goal. How do we [...]

JoeBiden 404 Error Page

Presidential 404 Error Pages – Lost & Found

  I’ve always enjoyed seeing how web sites implement 404 Error pages because they are universally treated with humor. The above example from the web site uses self-deprecating humor saying “WE COULDN’T MASK THIS ERROR, BUT YOU SHOULD MASK [...]

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    Knowledgeable SEO

    Mike is a talented SEO guru who helped guide me as well as our group in key means to manage and improve our SEO efforts. He’s one of the most kn

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    Iterative SEO

    SEO is a product which must first be launched and then refined with multiple iterations, then more fine-tuning and testing. Mike worked with our conte

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    Innovative SEO

    Mike’s suggestions on our product and his innovative ideas helped us to increase the value of our product tremendously. He and his team not only

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    SEO Expert

    I have had the pleasure of working with Mike for the last two years. He is a highly knowledgeable SEO expert. He has a comprehensive understanding of