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Don't Worry about Daily Stats

Why Daily Stats Don’t Mean Everything in SEO

Article by Noah Levy When I first started working in SEO blog writing, I had a little addiction: I’d check my Google Search Console stats every single day. While being on top of your stats isn’t a bad thing, if [...]

Word of Mouth Wins: Referrals for Consulting

  I’ve been fortunate to be involved in SEO as a consultant since 1998. I’ve also been fortunate to have been consistently referred to new consulting engagements by those I’ve worked with (both corporate in-house colleagues and individual consulting clients). [...]

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Is High Bounce Rate Bad for SEO?

SEO Consultants hear a couple of frequent questions about bounce rates during reporting updates with clients. Those questions are, “Why is our bounce rate so high? and “Is it true that bounce rates have an effect on SEO?” So let’s [...]

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  • Jim-Thompson

    Knowledgeable SEO

    Mike is a talented SEO guru who helped guide me as well as our group in key means to manage and improve our SEO efforts. He’s one of the most kn

  • Alok-Jain

    Iterative SEO

    SEO is a product which must first be launched and then refined with multiple iterations, then more fine-tuning and testing. Mike worked with our conte

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    Innovative SEO

    Mike’s suggestions on our product and his innovative ideas helped us to increase the value of our product tremendously. He and his team not only

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    SEO Expert

    I have had the pleasure of working with Mike for the last two years. He is a highly knowledgeable SEO expert. He has a comprehensive understanding of