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Congress Searching For Google Understanding

Congress Was Confused by the Internet During Hearing With Google CEO | NowThis

Congress having no idea how the internet works, part II.
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai was brought in for a hearing with members of Congress about…

Anyone involved in tech has stories to tell about acquaintances or family members who don’t understand how technology works. Most don’t distinguish between hardware and software or between local storage and cloud storage.

So it’s not surprising that members of Congress can’t comprehend a global business that is based on all of those combined incomprehensible tech bits. The video above puts congressional lack of comprehension about the workings of Google on public display.

Even if you understand some rudimentary elements of tech, you can see the humor in the questions asked of Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai about whether Google tracks your movement across a room or why searching the word “Idiot” turns up photographs of Donald Trump at the top of Google search results.

All this points to the continuing demand for SEO – because, even though it is relatively basic work, very few people in the internet industry understand how search works.