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Fresh News In Google Search Engine Results Pages

Normally I like to write more complete and thorough coverage of search engine developments, but don’t have the time to research this one in detail. I’ll return to the story as it develops over the next week or so. This one is breaking news from Chris Sherman at Search Engine Land about Google integrating NEWS results into regular Google SERPS.

This could have dramatic implications for those users who either don’t know about Google News or simply don’t consider going to that other little text link labeled “News” centered above the search box on the google home page.

To see if the news search was working I found a news headline and searched for that line in a regular Google search. The top result was indeed a news story. The top ranking result was a minutes old story showing in regular Google SERPs. Normally this top result would be labeled a “News” result.

Note the special “Earth Day” Google logo which was only showing on Sunday and the April 22 date in green behind the link on a story about New Jersey Governor Corzine’s recovery after his car accident a week ago on the way to mediate a meeting between Don Imus and the Rutgers womens basketball team.

Normally, if Google determines your searched phrase is related to current news, it will show a top “onebox” result as below.

This is big news and will likely mean a dramatic increase in traffic to news sites and possibly press releases. I’ll revisit the story as it develops during the week.

But wait! There’s more! I stumbled across this in that last search for “Virginia Tech Massacre” as I was heading to dinner, so I’ll quickly drop this in there as well since it is related. Google adwords are displaying News related PPC ads beside the results! I’ve split the screen in half so you can see the image full size and clearly see “MSNBC” as the sponsored ad on the right side of the page.

This story broke on Monday, but I hadn’t seen it myself until now.