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GoDaddy 2008 Superbowl Commercial Controversy

Here’s a video from the Fox Business Channel with an interview of Bob Parsons of discussing their plans for a Superbowl Commercial this year and the controversy that always surrounds those ads.

Do Superbowl Commercials work? Well here’s one success story – apparently increased market share by 9% following the first Superbowl commercial they aired during the 2005 game to move from 16% to 25% in a week (can total market share be deterined week-by-week?). While that seems pretty substantial, they apparently moved up 11% the following two years until they ran a Superbowl commercial in February of 2007 at the Miami Superbowl and increased to 36%.

That seems like great growth, but can it be tied directly to the ads run during the game? In any case, they claim current domain name market share to be up another 6% to 42% as can be seen in the screenshot graphic below from the FoxBusiness “America’s Nightly Scoreboard” report from December. (Shown above in its’ entirety in streaming form)

2005 Super bowl, 2007 Superbowl, Market Share

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  • HISPANO January 15, 2008, 2:27 pm

    Is there a way to link the growth with the Superbowl ads?

  • RealitySEO January 17, 2008, 10:14 pm

    Jose, That is exactly what I said above: “That seems like great growth, but can it be tied directly to the ads run during the game?” I believe it’s a stretch to say that the commercials are the sole reason GoDaddy grew so quickly or that they would have had slower growth without the superbowl ads. It would suggest that there were NO other reasons GoDaddy grew to their dominant position.

    One has to assume that Bob Parsons has some other business smarts – affiliate sales model, aggressive pricing, upsell and sidesell during purchase, etc. Anyone who has used GoDaddy to buy a domain name knows that if you leave with just a $1.99 domain registration, you’ve resisted a dozen additional offers that you can’t pass by unless you see the tiny text link that says “No Thanks – Checkout Now” beside each of a dozen upsells.

    It’s not just the commercials that made the success. How about the Nascar sponsorship, the blog, the podcast/radio show, the contests, and on and on. Those lead to the ability to buy those expensive ad slots on a day 100 million people are watching your commercials.