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Google iPhone App Gets Voice Search Upgrade

A New York Times article this morning breaks the story of an upgrade to the Google Search iPhone App, to be released today (and a Twitter Post from CNet last night).

If the app works anywhere near as well as the Google Demo Video below, the search world may be turned on it’s ear, or maybe we’d say, it’s voice.


Can’t wait to try this, and although I’ve tried, via the iTunes App Store, to find this app or get the upgrade to my current version of the Google Search App, it’s not showing up in either place yet. Stay tuned and I’ll post the iTunes App Store link as soon as I find it working.

Update from TechCrunch says the App will appear on tomorrow, Monday October 17th.

Just saw via VentureBeat that the google Mobile App is live on the iTunes store. Even though it isn’t apparently available as an update through the Application itself. Problem is that the link here doesn’t work through the iPhone itself. Grrrrr. Have to wait until I get home to download and test it.