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SS Yahoo Open Strategy is Listing, May Sink

Yahoo Open Strategy looks doomed due to the Microhoo merger mania. Thanks Microsoft and Carl Icahn, for shutting down the one thing I’ve seen hope for Yahoo to launch as an innovator. Previously Yahoo had been buying great companies and sometimes successfully integrating them (but mostly letting them languish).

I’m afraid I’ll be dropping most of those Yahoo services I liked and supported without further ado as I can’t imagine Microsoft/MSN/Live mixing well with, Flickr, MyBlogLog, Yahoo Groups, and any kind of social media.

I know, Ballmer and company haven’t said they are opposed to social media and the proposed Yahoo Open Strategy, but Microsoft plus “Open” just doesn’t mix. Can you imagine Microsoft doing anything openly? Can’t myself. Social media doesn’t go well with anti-social proprietary software development. Sigh.

Hey maybe Microsoft will want to sell off the open stuff and the social media services currently owned by Yahoo and I won’t have to move my bookmarks to another service. Maybe I won’t need move my stuff from Flickr to Picasaweb. I’m so done with the Yahoo Directory if Microsoft doesn’t sell that off.

Well this whole saga will no doubt take months, the FTC and DOJ will have to weigh in on the anti-competitive aspects – (don’t worry guys, they won’t succeed, since they won’t gain significant market share, even together). I’m sure we’ll look back once it’s over and scratch our heads while we look at the ruins of Yahoo after a Microsoft take-over and say, “What were they thinking?”