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Periodic Table of SEO Elements

Here are the elements of SEO that everyone needs to know and understand to get a web site indexed fully, ranked well and to avoid penalties. This infographic distills 200 plus signals down to the following nine main elements, each with sub-elements and strength ratings of +3 (strongest positive factor) +2, +1 and continuing penalties downward with -1, -2 to -3. Similar to the actual Periodic Table (seen below) of the Elements this graphic plays off of – it is color coded by hue to indicate

  1. 5 CONTENT Elements
  2. 3 HTML Elements
  3. 3 ARCHITECTURE Elements
  4. 3 LINKS Elements
  5. 2 SOCIAL Elements
  6. 2 TRUST Elements
  7. 4 PERSONAL Elements
  8. 6 VIOLATIONS Elements (minus factors)
  9. 2 BLOCKING Elements (minus factors)

Below is a condensed version of the SEO Table of elements, and here is a full sized version with details added.

Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

We see below the actual graphic (usually a poster) we see as school children, with the Periodic table arranged by colors, atomic weight and representing metals, non-metals, gases, etc.


It seems geeks like periodic table of the elements since you see them represented often on internet related graphics of all kinds. In 2006, Google had the display below at the Google Dance, held on the Google campus during Search Engine Strategies 2006 conference in San Jose. (I still have the Google Dance T-shirt souvenir).

Google Desktop Search Demo SES San Jose

Google Desktop Search Demo SES San Jose