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Consequence of Changing Careers – Photography to SEO

After spending years as a newspaper photographer, then several more years as a magazine photographer, then a few more as an advertising photographer, I created a web site to promote my photography. After learning how to make my photography show up in search engines, I fell in love with SEO and switched careers about 15 years ago. This section of my site is to make the most of my ongoing love of photography and share it with others. What appears here are what I make time to shoot daily – you\’ll see travel, architecture, scenics, abstracts (lots of those) and close-ups of plants and flowers. I shoot what interests me that day in a way that feeds my soul. I hope you like them too. These images are for sale in digital format. It\’s not yet automated, but I\’ll make it as painless as possible if you use the contact form.

White Spring Daisies On Wood

Arty Tree Tree Through Screen Door (edit)

Tree Seen Through Screen Door