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SEO Bloggers Said What? Search Top 25 Blogs Here

Mike Valentine

Like dozens of SEO’s, I saw Rand Fishkin’s list of top 50 SEO bloggers and wondered how I could possibly read them all. (Does Fishkin read that much?) So I put it together with the search engine (Roll Your Own) which allows you to choose a list of 25 trusted sites you want to search (Sorry Rand, had to edit the list from 50 down to 25).

If you use the search box below, it will look at the top 25 of Fishkin’s list of 50 top SEO bloggers and return results about any topic you search for. I’ve tried it for a few things and find it provides interesting results, so I thought I’d turn it loose here. “SEO Bloggers and Blogs” will search just those SEO blogs.(Just for reference – you can already search what I think on any particular topic by using that search box at the top of the page above.)

Powered by Rollyo

Let me know what you think of it. The list of sites it searches will appear in a left side column on the results page at so you can go to any one of the blogs directly from that list.

The results are a bit slow to load and they come from Yahoo, so it will be a bit older information than if it came from MSN or Google, but it’s worth it knowing what your favorite SEO thinks on topics near and dear to you, isn’t it? Does it provide results you expect on topic queries you search? This has got to be a much more efficient way to read top SEO bloggers when you want to know what they think of link baiting, SEO conferences, Black Hat vs. White Hat techniques, and maybe unique marriage proposals at 😉 I’m going to try putting it to the test on a few topics I discuss here by posting the Rollyo search box under my own comments here and there.

If you’d rather go to each of those SEO blogs individually and read for days, I’ve provided the top 25 in direct links below. Or you can just Go directly to that Rollyo SEO Bloggers & Blogs page and search from there. Maybe I’ll use the Google search API and … nah. Rollyo will have to do it. I’ve got too many newsletters, forums and magazines to read already and doing the linkbaiting thing is – what I’m doing already.