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SEO Pricing Structures & Rate Guide

One of the most common questions after a client agrees they need SEO attention is “What does it cost for that?” A question that sometimes comes before we’ve discussed where they want to focus their attention most.

Of course a given is always the initial site audit (charged separately) and resulting core on-page elements and site structure work that everyone benefits from. But there are additional areas of emphasis that can be included in an SEO campaign depending on the overall goals.

Here’s a list of included monthly services (retainer) and below that is separately a list of expected rates for outsourced costs:

Eight Expenses Typically Included in a Monthly Retainer Fee

  1. On Page Site SEO Recommendations
  2. SEO Changes to Sites/Pages
  3. Keyword Research [Multiple Source]
  4. Content Creation Strategy Development
  5. Social Media Marketing Recommendations
  6. Link building Recommendations
  7. Analytics Set-up & Reporting
  8. Social Media Management

Outsourced Items or Those Requiring Additional Costs

  1. On-Site Training Services (Daily Rate, Expenses & Travel Billed)
  2. Content Development (Outsource $25 to $30 per page or In-House)
  3. Content Promotion & Viral Pushes/PR (Outsource ~$2K or In-House)
  4. Hands-on Link Building Service (Outsourced ~$2K to $5K Monthly)
  5. Infographic Strategy & Design (Outsourced ~$5K)
  6. Website Design (Outsourced – Per Site Bid)
  7. Web Development (Outsourced – Per Site Bid)

With the variability by specific needs, it’s good to have a reference source and I was very happy to see that provided by Moz a few years ago with a survey of 600 agencies offering SEO services, along with pricing data. This is still close to current rates, but add a few percentage points to the rates for inflation and you can get a few bids and see how they compare, both to each other and to this survey.

Mike Valentine

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Below is an infographic recapping everything:

seo pricing
Infographic by SEOmoz & AYTM Market Research