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SEO Salaries, SEO Jobs & In-House Survey – More Data!

In October of 2006, when I was first interviewing for in-house SEO positions, I wrote a series of articles on SEO job searches (listed below) and incorporated my own research on Salary ranges for SEO.

Here’s a chart I created at the time showing in-house SEO salary ranges from data. If you are currently looking for an SEO job, I invite you to use the Google Custom Search SEO jobs Search Engine To Find Search Marketing Jobs I created this CSE back then when Google first introduced the tool.

I also shared a list of articles on SEO jobs both from myself and others which I’ll include again here:

If you are interested in more SEO salary data there is the November 2006 post from Rand Fishkin at SEOMoz.

Then there is this Top 30 Cities to Earn a Big SEO Salary chart from Reilly O’Donnell at Onward Search.

Here’s a great tool from SimplyHired which can show SEO Salaries by city if they have appropriate income data based on past job posts.

Director Of SEO Salaries in San Francisco, CA | SimplyHired

Then there is this Manoj Jasra interview with SEMPO’s Duane Forrester which is short on actual numbers, but gives some good surrounding data. Curiously, I couldn’t fine the actual SEMPO data from that salary survey on their site which was released right before the interview. Perhaps it’s not public?
Below is an SEO survey from Jennifer Mathews (or SEO Goddess) which I’d love to see results. Jenn promises to share results if you provide an email address. Thanks for this Jenn!

There’s nothing wrong with more data on SEO so please chime in and offer your two cents.


If you are looking for a great SEO Job now, good luck with your search and please share your current salary range in the survey above.

If you are attending SES San Jose this month and have between 7-10 years of combined SEO/SEM (both organic & paid search) experience and are looking for a great Director Level job in San Francisco, leave a comment here and I’ll hook you up with an interview. 😉

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