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Powerful Blog SEO Structure

Powerful Blog SEO Structure, Getting it Wired

I‘m a strong advocate for blogging as a marketing strategy for most business web sites. This is primarily because nearly every client I’ve ever worked with (over 15 years) gets more search referrals from their blog posts than any other [...]

Blog Post SEO Elements Inner Works Gears

I was asked by a consulting client to send over a list of tips for blog posts SEO. I find myself offering variations on this list to most clients with blogs. I sent the following over and realized that because [...]

Inbound Marketing Onramp

Corporate Blog ROI: Making the Case

I‘m currently recommending to a B2B client that they consider initiating a blog as an SEO strategy for the upcoming year. As smart business people they asked for expected ROI on this content strategy and so we’ve built a spreadsheet [...]