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Ubiquity FireFox Browser Add-in Productivity Video

I don’t go off-topic much on this blog, but I’ve just got to share this productivity tool. I’m sure it can do some cool search-related stuff, so I’ll play with it and report what I find. The video below describes an amazing browser add-in called “Ubiquity” from Mozilla Labs. The Post title links to a Ubiquity tutorial. The tool is amazingly easy to use and if you have the basic skills to add commands to the already included set built in, you’ll find it a really incredible time saver.

It’s almost magical how well it works. My favorite use in this video is being able to insert a map, along with a Yelp review, embed quickly and easily in your email! Watch that in the following video and be prepared to be impressed at what a browser add-in can do.
Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.