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Video SEO Schema & Transcripts

Video SEO is Simple – Transcripts & Schema

It really is simple to optimize video pages for search engines by embedding video schema (Google webmaster recommendations) on important elements, such as: A keyword focused video title Video description (include keywords) Video Thumbnail (appears in search results) Reviews and [...]

Video Sitemaps Best Practices from Google Webmaster Tools

Google Video Sitemaps tutorial from Mark Robertson of ReelSEO in video form featuring Google video Product Manager Nelson Lee and Google Partner Rep Amy MacIsaac discussing details of best practices and point out the importance of required elements including video:loc [...]

Google Buys Metaweb: Entities, Tags, Keywords

I’ve long been an advocate of tags for SEO – but just marking them up and exposing them on your site seems not to help rankings much. The important role they play is organization and clarification. Tags are meta data [...]