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YouTube offers Search From ALL Embedded Videos

Today I was reviewing my blog after adding a TwitPic widget to the shoulder (left side) and coincidently moved the cursor over an embedded YouTube video on the Google iPhone App when I noticed a search box appear under my cursor!

Wow, that is pretty incredible and according to the YouTube blog, they just recently added the functionality – I love it when I hear about new stuff when it’s still new. Searching YouTube from all embedded YouTube videos, wherever they are in blogs and web sites all over the webIs pretty impressive!

I’ve often been watching an embedded video on a blog here or there, wanted to see a related video that wasn’t shown in the “Related” videos they incorporate into the scrolling strip at the bottom of each video after completion of the clip you just finished watching. I always think, “Nah, I’m busy right now – I’ll go later” (I never do that) but now I’m in danger of actually getting distracted immediately – NOW – because I can search YouTube from the video I’ve just watched, on the site I’m already on.

This is a great offering from YouTube and may result in many of us who formerly resisted wasting our time watching too much YouTube stuff to start wasting too much time watching more YouTube stuff. Because we can now search for it from every existing YouTube player across the web.

Below is an example from the YouTube blog explaining the search feature. Take a look at other new features while you are at it, like the ability to see closed captioning, translations of those closed caption subtitles, and all included video annotations from the author. Those features are basically available from the button in the lower right corner of the video player.


Impressive stuff guys! I hope I can resist the temptation to use the search feature and stop myself from looking at foreign language closed captions