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Broken SEO Fragments ID Title Meta Data

Abbreviations and Word Fragments: Broken SEO

There is one very clear place where developers and search engine optimization specialists are at odds. That is use of abbreviations and word fragments. ‘Devs’ like ’em. Search engine specialists hate them. We SEOs especially hate when those acronyms, abbreviations, [...]

Passive Inbound Link Building

Hands-Free Automatic, Magical Link-Building

What is Passive Link-Building? That is simply links you earned that were given willingly by customers, members, fans or enthusiasts who choose to share your content, products, images or tools. They do this only because they want to share that [...]

Wordy SEO Text Illustration Mike Valentine

Search Engine Friendly Text – Let Me Expand That

You’ve already been told that good descriptive text which fully answers search queries will help your page do well in search engines. It’s well-known that being thorough and complete in descriptions gets more search traffic. But the sales team pushes [...]

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    I know, I know, Mike isn’t a Gardener. And yet, I classified him as that. When I work with Mike Valentine he makes the search ranking of every t