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Searching for Search Engine Marketers

This headline is linked to a story from where a relatively long article discusses the rising importance of professional “in-house” search marketers being scouted and hired for both corporate and consulting positions at Search Marketing firms across the country.

Interestingly, there is a quote from a company that competes with a client of mine. While I am doing quite well in positioning that client – it seems the competitor is using a staff of FOUR to attempt to best me. I’m managing a campaign for organic SEO as well as a PPC campaign for this client and it seems we’re doing pretty well against them. 😉

I quickly pointed this out to my client in order to make them feel better about the energy and commitment (read budget) that it is taking to beat these guys. I hope my own client realizes how well I’m doing for them when they read this story. I know that I’ve met and even exceeded some of the goals set for the search positioning campaign we started two months ago.

But the article overall points out some interesting things for SEO and SEM specialists. We’re hot property when it comes to recruiters and headhunters. While the six figure income numbers mentioned for some SEM department heads and SEO managers sounds a bit wild, there is no doubt that we’re worth it to those companies who have the foresight to hire us and take our advice – whether that is for a short run up to Christmas sales or long term search positioning campaigns.

I’m looking forward to my upcoming vacation next week to keep me sane, because work has been seemingly endless for the past 6 months and I can sure use the break. Who would have ever thought SEO could become so important to business success even just a few years ago?